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Your Beard Is Our Business

Created by a Queen on behalf of other Queens who love

Kings with well-groomed beards!

She Loves Beards is a premium all natural beard care brand birthed from my passion and admiration for bearded men and my desire to help men naturally maintain a clean, moisturized and healthy beard.  She Loves Beards is handcrafted with premium all natural ingredients and therapeutic essential oils, that are carefully formulated to promote growth, shine, hydration, anti-dandruff, and prevents pre-mature graying.



All Natural Ingredients and Therapuetic Essential Oils
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Beard Oil

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Beard Balm


Beard & Body Butter

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Deluxe Set


Sample Kit



Beard Conditioner

"smells masculine with a freshness"

C. Coleman

Beard Serum

"I like how it makes my skin underneath feel better"

C. Coleman

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